Flying is freedom

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Tandem Flight

Flying is Freedom

For sure you will not fly alone. Tandem paragliders are wings designed to carry passengers and pilots together. When you fly with our experienced pilots with international certifications, the only thing that you will be doing is watching the scenery and enjoying the flight. But if you want to fly solo, you can ask us for paragliding courses to be a pilot.

After a short briefing and preparations are over, the pilot and you will be connected to the wing and ready to take off.

We get your reservation and then, here we go!

Take a deep breath, put your best foot forward, a few steps together with your pilot and soar high up in the air. That’s it!

We meet at the office for the hour that is set for you. Our car picks us up for a 30 mins journey to reach the take off point at the height of 650 mt on the skirts of Asas Mountain.

Depending on the weather conditions, after an average of 20 - 30 minutes, the flight ends with a soft landing to the old port of Kaş. All you need to do during the landing is get up when the pilot says so.

The activity duration is estimated to be 1 hour in total, but the weather conditions and previous flight duration can extend the waiting period.

When you fly with us you, and other people are fully insured by Fly Lycia Paragliding.

During our flights; passengers are not allowed to use selfie sticks for safety reasons.

Anyone who does not have a serious health problem can do paragliding. There is no age limit in paragliding. However, there is a weight limit. From 20 kg to 110 kg of people of all ages can fly safely with us ... For more details please contact us ...