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Solo Flight

For Solo Pilots

We have transportation service for solo pilots. Always feel free to come to our office and get information about flight times and daily weather conditions.

The take off spot is a relatively easy one that is 12 km away from the city center and is 650 m high. It takes headwind most of the time. The flight season is open from April to December in Kas. The major winds allowing you to fly are; south, southwest, west and southeast winds. The northbound winds blowing from the mountain (back wind) do not allow the flight.

The take-off wind generally ranges from 5 km/h to 25 km/h and continues until the sun goes down. You can stay in the air all day in a 2 km soaring band except for early morning hours. With soaring and thermals you can climb up to about 100m from the take-off point.

The landing spot is a limited area of Kaş Old Harbour itself where all diving and tour boats are located too. It is a 25m x 70mconcrete surface and most likely takes side wind. The masts of the surrounding sailboats make landing tricky besides direction of the wind and the vehicles inside the harbour. Please get information from the local pilots before fly.

Solo Flight

Witness The Magnificent Aerial View of Kaş

Contact us for transfer services, hours of flight, daily forecast, landing and more information.